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                Special Thanks to All Who Have Helped!

Special Contributors: 
  •     Pushlar Consulting  -- Designing and Hosting the new website.
  •     B&B Flooring  -- Donating materials and man hours to install new floors for our renovation project.
  •     Dryden Rotary Club -- New shelves in the back storage area and long hours of cleaning and restocking.
  •     Dryden Realty -- To the Maintenance staff for cleaning and organizing the basement.

Other Contributing Businesses and Clubs:

     Dryden Mutual Insurance Co. -- Bailey Place Agency -- Carozza Pizza -- Dryden Kiwanis -- First National Bank of Dryden

Volunteers involved:

    Charlie & Nancy Hart -- Patricia Ard -- Myrna & Tim Brown -- Elizabeth Gutchess -- Edward Bugliosi -- Theresa Curtis -- David Richman -- Geoff Dunn -- Rob & Sheena Monroe -- Diane Hill -- Christiane Linster -- Kathy Zahler -- Deb Fisher -- Dave & Elizabeth Sprout -- Gina & Bard Prentiss -- Randy & Joan Sterling -- Heather & Sloan Sheridan-Thomas -- Sean & Diane McDonough -- Sylvia Short -- Tony & Val Salerno -- Kristen Park & Scott Miller -- Barbara & Dave Woolston -- Lesa Bussmann -- Gary & Fran Mullen -- Beverly Babcock -- William Bailey --  Janice Lawrence --  Aaron Kueck & Hilary Ewing -- Connie Jarrard -- Shirley Shackelton --  Evan & Tracey Kurtz -- Dorothy Buerk -- L. James Holman -- Mike & Suzanne Scheuring -- Susan Quick -- Brian Goldblatt -- Christopher Lyons -- Melita Mertz -- Pamela Carey -- Joyce Day.

     We are very pleased to announce that we have exceeded our financial goal to revitalize the Dryden Community Center Cafe.  We hope that you have been in to see all the work that has been done and we think you will agree that the Cafe is looking beautiful.

Beyond all of the improvements to the physical space, enough money was raised to purchase a stove with a multi-functional oven.  Our cooks and bakers are enjoying this upgraded appliance very much.  Finally, there was enough money for a new waffle maker: another terrific upgrade.